I find 13A fused IEC leads, usually moulded plugs marked with 13A on them with 6A or 10A rated cable and IEC connectors, occasionally. It appears that some people (not the EBME staff I work with) see 13A on a plug and assume that's the rating of the fuse that has to be fitted - some manufacturers as well. 10A fused and rated cables are suitable for the majority of equipment that I see.

Because IEC leads are removable and can end up anywhere the concern is really whether they're being checked, so I guess we're obliged to mark them up as inspected and tested. They probably present the highest risk of electric-shock to staff and patients if left unchecked for too long as Roy mentions - I suppose that's what all the fuss is about. Plus responsibility for checking leads can be established and maintained between EBME and Estates Electricians, using the appropriate labels, I suppose.

What's the consensus on which rewireable mains plug tops to use and the best moulded plugs/leads available? I did have a preference for MK hospital rewireables until they fitted those plastic rivets that break away, leaving the plug-top screw to support the mains pins when the plug's pushed into the wall socket. Still easier and quicker to wire than the MARBO plug tops we use where I work - I don't like the cable clamps that are screwed down or the standard slotted screw-connectors. I prefer the slotted strain-relief that the cable is pushed into and the threaded terminal-post connections.