We have standardised on the 2M and 3M black IEC leads from RS for most equipment:
straight 2m 426-373 4.77
straight 3m 262-1126 5.64
Any problems with damage, loss or failing a safety inspection - bin it and put a new one on.
It means there is no need to open plugs to inspect the wiring and frees up valuable time for carrying out other maintenance.
All medical equipment is protected by in line fuses (Live and neutral) so it is acceptable to use a standard fuse rating on the leads. We normally use 3amp and 13amp fuses. Anything under 750Watts = 3A ; Over 750W = 13A. This means the majority is fused at 3A using a standard mains lead. As far as having longer leads, anything over 3Metres must be made up using orange (high visibility) cable to reduce hazards from trpping, or running over the cable with a trolley.

We have been known to tie wrap leads to equipment, especially from the equipment library to ensure they stay with the equipment. This works to a certain degree but the tie wrap self adhesive bases eventually come off, so not an ideal solution.

Be Proactive and reactive.