Some of you guys need to get real, I reckon. Only today, whilst carrying out a couple of "perfect PM's", I enhanced the equipment, and secured the mains cables (thereby preserving validity of the electrical safety tests carried out) by well-positioned P-clips. One used an existing screw position, whilst the other needed a hole to be drilled in an ECG recorder trolley. Hardly a modification, but just doing what the manufacturer should have done in the first place.

Meanwhile, if we must have "risk assessments", what about doing one on:-

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... I encountered no less than five bits of kit "plugged in" to a mains outlet, but not being charged, due to the dreaded IEC mains cable not being fully home in the socket at the back of the equipment ...

... and equipment failing when called into use in an emergency when the plug fuse blows due to the wrong IEC cable being grabbed from the stash of "spare mains leads", etc., etc.? smile

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... whether the P clips hold on the cable could cause extra fatigue or would it increase the hazard risk when the equipment was wheeled away before being disconnected.

What does cause unacceptable strain on mains cables is binding them onto rolling stands with cable ties!

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