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Hermed AvensysOn Wednesday 6th June 2018, Avensys UK Ltd was acquired by HERMED Technische Beratung GmbH.

Established in 2007, Avensys UK Ltd has grown at a fast pace, generating sales during 2017 of approximately £7 million, and today has 128 employees across the UK. Avensys has been active exclusively in the UK healthcare market in bio-medical technology management, with a focus on the acute sector, for 11 years.

HERMED belongs to the VAMED Group, a leading international healthcare provider based in Vienna.


This acquisition enables HERMED to expand their current portfolio and opens new market opportunities for the company and sustainably secures its position in the UK market. The company will continue to operate as Avensys UK Ltd. The management of Avensys remains unchanged but will be supplemented by a HERMED managing director. For decades HERMED has been operating in Germany in the very same business area as Avensys, predominantly in the field of biomedical technology management. In this new constellation, Avensys will be able to offer its customers in the UK market an expanded and optimised range of services in many areas. The company has excellent know-how and references, especially in biomedical technology management - including the biomedical technology consulting of hospitals and hospital providers as well as the training of biomedical technicians.

Avensys UK Ltd owners, Robert Strange and Steve Holt have found the ideal strategic partner for the future successful development of the company in the British market, with VAMED and its subsidiary HERMED.  "I am very happy that with HERMED we have found a strong and competent partner who optimally complements our offer. Both the service portfolios and the corporate cultures are ideally matched. We see great potential for synergies and are convinced that we can sustainably increase our growth in the UK market with the support of our new partners. Everyone will profit from this in the future - we, our employees and, above all, our customers! ", the owners, Robert Strange and Steve Holt, are pleased to announce. Under the new owner, the company structure will remain with Rob Strange as CEO and Steve Holt as MD, all other members of the management team will remain in position, as well as other executives and experts of the company.

HERMED, like Avensys, is primarily active in the biomedical device industry - from maintenance, inspection, overhaul, regulatory testing, user training and equipment briefing - to the German market. The company has also been a recognised partner in healthcare for more than 35 years. HERMED with its subsidiaries is now active in 8 countries in Europe, they have more than 500 employees and serves more than 300 healthcare facilities with over 60,000 beds.

In 2008, HERMED was acquired as a subsidiary of the VAMED Group. Founded in 1982, VAMED has become the leading global provider of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The Group has already completed around 850 projects in more than 80 countries on five continents. Today VAMED is valued worldwide by public and private clients as a reliable partner for the implementation of diverse projects in the health sector. The portfolio ranges from project development as well as planning and turnkey construction to maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructural services to overall operations management in healthcare facilities. With its offer, VAMED covers all areas of health care from prevention and health tourism to acute care, rehabilitation care. In 2017, the VAMED Group was responsible for more than 18,000 employees worldwide and a total business volume of around €1.7 billion.




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