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NHS will not get £350 millionOn the Andrew Marr Show, Iain Duncan Smith was shown a Vote Leave poster saying: "Let's give our NHS the £350m the EU takes every week," but he denied that promise had been made and said instead that the NHS would receive "the lion's share" of money that would no longer be spent on the EU.


Reality Check on the ‘OUT’ campaign claim: “We send £350m a week to Brussels, which could be spent on the NHS instead”.


One of the most controversial claims of the campaign was that the UK sends £350m a week (or £50m a day) to Brussels, which could be spent on the NHS instead.

Vote Leave's Gisela Stuart was among those to make the claim, saying "Every week we send £350m to Brussels. I'd rather that we control how to spend that money, and if I had that control I would spend it on the NHS."


Many bodies including the UK Statistics Authority pointed out that we do not send that much a week because the rebate is deducted before any money is spent. Over the weekend, Nigel Farage said making the claim had been "a mistake".


The actual amount sent to Brussels each week in 2014 was £276m, a little over £100m of which is spent on things in the UK such as subsidising farmers and funding research, which the Leave campaign also promised to continue funding until 2020.


The current ‘vote leave’ claim: The claim was a mistake, and we will not be able to spend that much extra on the NHS.


Reality Check verdict: Some of those who campaigned for Leave are now distancing themselves from this claim. Some have gone as far as admitting that it had been a mistake.



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