Medical IT systems provide operating theatres, intensive care units and other Group 2 medical locations with a safe and secure power supply that continues to operate in the event of a first insulation fault.

Bender panel 1

The new Bender COMTRAXX® CP305 alarm indicator and control panel is designed to display the status of the medical IT system and notify the clinical and maintenance teams of any faults in a safe and timely manner.

Bender panel 2The CP305 is part of the CP series of control and alarm panels, that has a modern 5" glass touch display, an intuitive interface for improved usability, and increased display area that ensures the status of the medical IT power is recorded instantaneously. Faults are signalled through audio and visual alarms, with customised text messages such as: Fault on socket-outlet 3 in room 508, remove connected device. This gives clinical staff information where a fault has occurred and how to eliminate it. Clear messaging and handling instructions prevent uncertainties during troubleshooting.

CP305 offers all prerequisites for future-proofing hospitals and can be controlled, parameterised, updated and maintained remotely without the need for an engineer or maintenance teams to enter sensitive hospital areas. Connection is made via LAN or through the Bender Connect App. CP305 can also connect to nurse stations to monitor the status of systems through a central location.

CP305 is a successor to the MK2430, which widespread in its use and has reliably displayed faults in hospital power systems for many years. As a direct replacement it is modern, easy to retrofit and install, and due to its glass surface, it is easy to clean and disinfect. It is part of the COMTRAXX® range of control panels including CP9 24” operating theatre alarm indicator panel and CP9 15” suitable for staff bases and nurse stations, and will be recommended as standard for new build hospital projects. CP305 will be available Q3/2022.

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