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Welch Allyn has launched its third generation Connex® Spot Monitor (CSM) which marks a major advance in enhancing patient safety through technology.

csm monitor on standWith a continuing focus on paper-light routine observations and EWS (early warning scores) in the NHS, the new Welch Allyn CSM is well positioned to become the device of choice for cost conscious, yet quality-driven hospitals, offering industry-leading technology to help liberate UK hospital staff from the time-consuming and sometimes error-ridden systems of the past.

Providing comprehensive and accurate patient documentation in a single device, the CSM has been developed with substantial input from clinicians and builds on Welch Allyn's expertise in vital signs monitoring (VSM) through the world-leading Connex range.

Customers can expect best-in-class vital sign technology in the CSM, such as 15 second blood pressure readings with SureBP®, while Nonin's impressive results in clinical trials makes them an attractive addition to pulse oximetry options, also provided by Masimo® and Covidien®, with fast, accurate thermometry from either Braun Thermoscan Ear or SureTemp® Plus technology.

In addition to automated measurements, up to 20 additional non-automated parameters such as levels of consciousness and pain can be entered into the CSM manually, creating a central point of data entry for all patient observations. This data can then be easily transmitted wirelessly to an electronic medical record system (EMR) if desired.

Customisable to each hospital's needs, every part of the CSM has been developed with patients and users in mind, from the easy to use touchscreen controls to the uniquely quiet WhisperDrive™ wheels on the roll stand.

Key clinical points:

  • Early warning scores - fully customise and switch between three scores like EWS, MEWS or PEWS
  • Three modes: Spot check, Intervals and Office
  • Supports adult, paediatric and neonatal patients
  • BHS A/A validated SureBP® technology - take a BP in 15 seconds
  • Choice of leading SpO2 technologies: Masimo®, Nellcor® or Nonin®
  • Optional thermometry - Braun Thermoscan Ear or SureTemp Plus
  • A central point of data entry for up to 20 manual patient observations
  • New blood pressure averaging (to help mitigate the effect of white coat hypertension).

 Key technical points:

  • Available wireless ready or upgrade later
  • Easy to use vivid touchscreen display
  • Made with materials highly resistant to cleaning agents
  • Proven integration with more than 90 leading EMRs including Epic, Meditech and Cerner
  • Upgradeable design to help protect investment
  • Up to 17 hours of operation with the optional power management stand
  • Configuration tool - centrally control how all devices behave
  • Customise devices at time of purchase - ready to go out of the box


With documentation error rates using paper observation charts as high as 54.4 per cent1  the CSM can help to drastically reduce inaccuracies on patient charts - improving safety and clinical outcomes.

csm monitorUsing the CSM enables hospitals to fully customise any early warning scoring system and switch between scoring protocols like EWS, MEWS or PEWS easily. Representing a further example of Welch Allyn's commitment to offering maximum flexibility and cost effective operation to customers, it enables trusts which use modified early warning scores to decide which parameters should be scored, what the clinical boundaries for each parameter are, and even set 'required action' messages for the caregiver.

At the touch of the button, all this data can be interfaced with the electronic medical record system, eliminating paper charting altogether if desired, which is why Welch Allyn's proven connectivity solution has already put the Connex range of vital signs devices at the heart of many successful Nursing Technology Fund applications.

The CSM's potential for almost total customisation is designed to help engineers and specialist staff benefit from reduced installation and maintenance time. CSM customisation data can be created using an online configurator, then transferred to the device via USB. Configurations can even be cloned from one device to another.

There is also the potential for units to be fully customised at the point of manufacture so that they are ready to use straight from the box, particularly useful for large sites which require tens or even hundreds of CSMs.

It all adds up to a device which is designed to improve the lives of clinical and non-clinical users alike, improving accuracy and reliability as well as reducing unnecessary admin and maintenance burden.

As Jan McMeekin, Regional Sales Director at Welch Allyn UK Ltd points out, the enthusiastic response from customers is ample demonstration that the CSM is, literally, hitting the spot.

'Our aim with the CSM was simple - to create an affordable device which helps to makes our customers' lives easier, provides unrivalled flexibility and helps enhance patient safety.

'We're delighted to have secured large-scale orders for our Connex products. We strive to give hospitals precisely what they need - trusted, proven technology in a user-friendly format that can be easily adapted to work with any hospital's workflow.'

Numerous studies have found a link between the quality of communications between health care professionals and good patient care, she says. 'We're confident that the new Connex Spot Monitor has a vital part to play in this process.'

1. Early warning system determination accuracy and action plan compliance, 2012,  Barts Health Munro, PA & Padala, A.


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