New innovations in Emergency Care

OxylogOxylog 3000 Plus The Oxylog 3000 Plus is a state-of-the-art transport ventilator that offers Autoflow, ETCO2 and real time data export.  It can be used as an invasive and non-invasive ventilator and is the only portable ventilator in our range which offers a disposable paediatric circuit. Now you can confidently provide optimal ventilation therapy for your patients with this compact and intuitive, simple to use device.

Oxylog 2000 Plus As the success or the Oxylog 2000, the Oxylog 2000 Plus offers the next step in emergency ventilation. By combining controlled and support modes of ventilation the Oxylog 200 Plus provides flexibility to adapt the ventilation to your patient?s needs. Pressure Support and Non-Invasive ventilation are available, enabling support for patients with insufficient breathing and to help prevent intubation at the earliest stage.


The latest addition to our Evita range of ventilators

InfinityInfinity Evita V500 The Infinity Evita V500 is the newest addition to our established range of Evita ventilators.  Offering solutions to common hospital challenges such as workplace ergonomics, data overload, inner-hospital transport issues and the need for standardisation, this ventilator is the first respiratory component of our Infinity Acute Care System vision.  The Infinity Evita V500 is designed for patients of all ages and acuity levels and incorporates advanced invasive ventilation features.


Presenting the Infinity Empowered Primus anaesthetic workstation

PrimusPrimus IE By working closely with medical professionals and continuously analysing the needs of customers in the perioperative care environment, Dr?ger has been innovating anaesthesia for more than 100 years.  Today's Primus Infinity Empowered enables you to take advantage of the latest monitoring anaesthesia information system solutions and hospital information system technology.


Infinity Patient Monitoring solutions

InfinityInfinity Acute Care System Monitoring Solution Transform your hospital?s workflow with the Infinity Acute Care System Monitoring Solution.  This innovative two-screen solution opens the door to a new dimension of mobility, adaptability and configurability ? providing for the seamless transition of the patient and the patient?s information throughout the care path.

OmegaOmega S To understand your patient?s condition, you need to see the full spectrum of available patient data.  Seeing real-time vital signs is the first step.  But to make evidence based decisions, you also need to see lab results, images and historical patient data.
Now you can see the big picture of patient information ? all in one 20? widescreen display at the bedside - with Infinity Omega-S, one of Dr?ger?s Infinity Omega Solutions. Designed for stationary monitoring at the point of care, Infinity Omega-S integrates and Infinity Kappa patient monitor with an Infinity C700 for IT workstation and Infinity Explorer software. This synergy puts the information you need at your fingertips - which can support decision making, save time spent looking for information, and help reduce the potential for medical error.


A refreshing advancement in high performance thermoregulation

6Isolette 8000 The tinier your patient, the smaller your margin for error becomes. Temperature fluctuation can expose low birth weight infants to cold or heat stress that can lead to serious physical and neurological damage or even create potentially life-threatening conditions. Yet the Isolette 8000 delivers the advanced thermoregulation features necessary to help keep neonates comfortably within that silver-thin Thermo-Neutral Zone. Low air velocity and our propriety PID temperature control algorithm minimise convective heat loss. Warmed sloped panels and double-wall design reduce irradiative heat loss.  Our patented air curtain even prevents significant temperature drops when the access panel is open.



What's new in Lifecycle Solutions Drager Medical offers everything you need to keep your devices in tip top condition for their lifespan, from consumable items to comprehensive service contracts. After listening to our customers ever changing needs, we are proud to be able to offer our latest flexible contract solution, PartnerCare.  PartnerCare is a tailor made service solution so you only pay for what you need. Our Lifecycle division also offers for 2010 a brand new range of BP cuffs, intelligent Infinity ID accessories, heated ventilator and ComfortStar masks along with a new and improved Remote Service Link.


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