The Covidien thermometry division will launch their new Genius? 2 checker/calibrator in the first quarter of 2009.

The new checker/calibrator is designed to work with all Genius? 2 thermometers and contains two independently controlled infrared calibration targets.

Similar to the current Field Checker the new calibrator is a portable unit with displays in 16 languages, and a USB port to generate and download test reports.

The Genius 2 checker/calibrator will firstly assess the calibration of the Genius? 2 thermometer. On assessment the checker/calibrator will either pass or continue to automatically recalibrate the thermometer to within ASTM and CEN limits of +/- 0.2oC. On screen instruction will guide the user through each stage of the calibration process.


Temperature Set Points
  • Low target: 32.2oC  +/-  0.3oC
  • High target: 40.6oC  +/-  0.3oC
Target Temp Accuracy
  • Initial Limit +/-  0.03oC (0.5oF)
  • Post 1 year : 1 +/-  0.06oC (0.10oF)
Warm-up Time Before Use
  • 15 Minutes


All Genius 2 thermometer accounts which currently use a Genius 2 checker will be notified by your Covidien account manager to arrange a convenient date for your checker to be upgraded to a calibrator.

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