Aquilant Endoscopy introduces category leading five year warranty offered as standard on new 600 series high-definition endoscopes


Aquilant Endoscopy has launched the latest addition to its sophisticated endoscopy portfolio, providing state-of-the-art Fujifilm 600 Series CMOS chip endoscopy technology to the UK market with an unrivalled five year warranty.


This announcement will be welcome news to Electro-Biomedical Engineering (EBME) professionals, who work alongside suppliers to ensure medical equipment is of a first-class standard before being used. A longer warranty period provides EBME experts with the confidence that their equipment will be maintained during a longer period by highly skilled engineers, who can also provide replacement scopes when required.


It is necessary that hospitals and trusts offer patients the best service whilst also ensuring that medical devices are of the highest quality, yet remain cost effective. Endoscopes, which are notoriously difficult to clean and easy to break, usually come with a standard three year warranty period. Aquilant Endoscopy’s five year warranty for its 600 series high-definition endoscopes are an attractive option for EBME and procurement departments looking to reduce an endoscopes’ overall lifetime costs.  Endoscopic technology can be very fragile and so a warranty that accommodates a longer time span will help to improve the working life of the product, reduce service costs and save the department money in the long term.


If however a breakdown happens, Aquilant Endoscopy makes sure that endoscopes are quickly fixed by its efficient team of highly skilled engineers based in its technical office. The team has access to a large fleet of loan endoscopes for use to replace damaged scopes while they are being repaired.


The next generation 600 series CMOS HD endoscopes from Fujifilm – will enable endoscopists to capture super-high definition images, equipping users with powerful observation and diagnosis capabilities.


Unlike conventional endoscopes, the analogue signal is converted to a digital one at the tip of the scope, a process which provides increased levels of noise immunity and helps to prevent image degradation. CMOS chips also require less power than conventional chip technology which means they produce less heat. The result is a dramatically sharper and brighter endoscopic image, which assists endoscopists with enhanced lesion detection and recognition capabilities. Combine these technological advances with the reduced lifetime servicing costs, due to the five year warranty, and next generation endoscope technology has never been more affordable.


Key features include:


CMOS Technology

  • New over megapixel CMOS image sensor enables super-high definition images to be produced, allowing for advanced observation and diagnosis
  • 60 frames per second progressive scanning method, producing sharper high-definition images

Close Focus with CMOS Technology

  • High performance optical system enhances close focus observation capability up to 2 mm
  • Improved image quality with reduced peripheral distortion

FICE with CMOS Technology

  • Assists with identification and classification of lesions
  • Higher resolution with noise reduction resulting in sharper, brighter FICE Images

ColoAssist II

  • Redesigned insertion tube incorporating an innovative mesh and coil design which maximises push pull force transmission and inhibits loop formation
  • Slim outer diameter of 12.0 mm helping to reduce patient discomfort

Water jet function

  • New water jet function that helps to ensure a high quality image is consistently maintained


Andrew Dawe, General Manager at Aquilant Endoscopy, commented: “We’re proud to be able to launch this advanced endoscopy technology to the UK market. Not only that, but our five year warranty will give endoscopy specialists the confidence that their cutting-edge equipment will be protected for a longer period than ever before, providing complete peace of mind and outstanding lifetime cost value.”


Thomas Aengenendt, from Fujifilm, added: “Aquilant Endoscopy is an important strategic partner to Fujifilm in the United Kingdom and we are very pleased to be able to support endoscopy departments in the UK by offering a five year warranty. Our new 600 Series promises to be one of the important technology enhancements available to British endoscopy professionals.”


For more information about Aquilant Endoscopy, please call 01256 365456 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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