Electro medical test instrumentation specialist Rigel Medical free A5 guide explains the requirements of the new BS EN 62353 electrical safety testing requirements.

The original IEC 62353 international test standard is now out as a BS standard and Rigel's 'IEC 62353 Medical Electrical Equipment - recurrent test and test after repair of medical electrical equipment' explains what's required to ensure the in-service electrical safety of electro medical equipment and systems.

The booklet is designed for biomedical engineering personnel, medical equipment service engineers and manufacturers of medical devices.

It explains the requirements in easy to follow terms and provides all the relevant information in relation to commonly used definitions, symbols, different leakage measurements, schematics, pass/fail limits, single fault conditions and other details.

Importantly the standard incorporates tests beyond those of type testing. Specifically it seeks to provide a uniform and unambiguous means of assessing the safety of medical equipment, whilst maintaining the relation to IEC 60601-1 manufacturing standard and minimising the risks to the person conducting the assessment.

The new standard recognises that the laboratory conditions described in IEC 60601-1 cannot always be guaranteed when in-service testing of medical devices is undertaken. As a result, test measurements that require certain environmental conditions may not always be applicable or consistent for the testing of equipment that is already in use.

The handy booklet produced by Rigel explains these and other matters. In doing so it is designed to provide a useful insight for both new and experienced users of electrical safety test equipment and a simple reference guide to issues relating to everyday testing.

Copies are available free to download from Rigel Medical at www.rigelmedical.com or request the booklet via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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