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Draeger Medical NIBP Cuffs

Drager Medical is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of NiBP cuffs.  There are 9 different sizes of cuffs available to fit all patient arms including longer cuffs for obese patients and a new selection of cuffs for neonates.  The cuff sizes have been allocated according to the height of the patient, much the same as clothes sizing and are colour coded for ease of use. 

The improved design has a conical shape for easy attachment, soft curved edges for increased patient comfort and a new fastening system which helps prevent skin irritation.  Correct positioning indicators for artery, index line and range marking are now visible on both sides of the cuff and the cuff connector has a new unique, patented, easy to use design for single hand use and quick operation. All new Drager NiBP cuffs are PVC, latex and silicone free.  Instead the cuffs are made of Polyurethane and the hoses from Thermoplastic Elastomere.



  • Cuffs are coated with blue textile and have the same well-known colour coding as our current cuffs.
  • Drager cuffs have sectional hook-and-loop fasteners to fit comfortably on the patients arm.
  • Our new range of cuffs can be disinfected according to the new MDD 2007 regulations.



  • Cuffs are coated with Velour and have the same colour code as the re-usable cuffs.
  • The Velour is part of the fastening system so no loop is required and the cuff fits smoothly to the patients arm.
  • Our special packaging design allows the single patient use cuff hose to be connected to the monitor while the cuff is still in the sealed plastic bag.



  • Our neonatal cuffs have a new shape for easy application to the neonates arm.
  • The cuffs carry images of toys to suit the neonatal environment.
  • The patient side of the cuff is coated in Velour for extra comfort.
  • Easy cleaning of the outside of the cuff.
  • The cuffs have a unique connector system for quick and single hand connection and disconnection.


To find out more or to arrange a visit with your local representative, please contact us on 01442 213542 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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