Medical First For Sony

Sony Launches First Ever OLED Medical Monitor

Setting new standards in clarity once again, Sony has created the world's first dedicated medical monitor to feature Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology: the 24.5 inch PVM-2551MD.



The groundbreaking invention of the Sony original OLED panel, together with the newly developed dedicated OLED processor, has raised the standard of critical-image monitoring to new levels of accuracy.
Developed particularly for applications such as flexible and rigid endoscopy and surgical microscopy, the monitor's high resolution, superior contrast and exact colour reproduction are configured, to help medical professionals achieve swifter and more accurate diagnoses.

When used with modern HD endoscopy cameras, the PVM-2551MD could enable doctors to identify even the smallest details- adding more clarity to screening for early indications of cancer, detecting flat lesions and differentiating tumours.

With its exceptional picture quality and dedicated medical design, the PVM-2551MD ushers in a new era of exceptional medical monitoring.


Key Features
Superb Black performance - thanks to OLED technology, all details in the black can easily be seen, providing excellent colour performance.
Wide Range of Inputs - The PVM-2551MD has a full range of standard and high-definition inputs with room for additional input boards.
Flat surface easily wipe clean panel - ensuring effective hygiene and safety in the operating environment.
Medical compliance - The PVM-2551MD is UL 60601-1 listed and complies with EN 60601-1 safety regulations.
Noise filter - The PVM-2551MD employs a high-performance noise filter which reduces the effects on the monitor image that typically occur during electrosurgery.
This superb quality monitor was launched at MEDICA in November and will be available from IMOTEK in December 2011

Sony List Price: £5200 --- IMOTEK Price: £4750


Please visit our website for full details and specifications for all Sony Medical Printers.

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