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Nihon Kohden NKV 550From Japans leading medical electronics design-manufacturer; the NKV-550 Series Ventilator System is a state-of-the art mechanical ventilator which can be configured for Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal ventilation. It can deliver Invasive, Non-invasive and High Flow Oxygen Therapy with one circuit – eliminating the need for separate devices.

The 550’s Clinical ‘Apps’ provide guided processes to help create streamlined, systematic means for clinical staff to optimise the care of their patients. Of these Apps the 550’s ‘In-Line Suction’ tool perhaps evidences the simplicity and utility of the ventilators design – providing flow to counter-balance the effect of ETT suction and thereby minimise the risk of atelectasis associated with this vital, routine aspect of care.

For complex patients, the Lung Recruitability Assessment Tool, PV loops Tool, Recruitment Manoeuvre and PEEP Titration tools and Transpulmonary Pressure Monitoring facility enable the evidence-based and controlled management of Lung Injury.

In the weaning phase, SBT, NIF and P0.1 are, like the other Apps previously mentioned, are offered as standard.

The NKV-550 also offers Protective Control®, a feature that utilises a second user-interface placed outside the isolation room. Clinical staff can manage alarms and adjust settings before having to don PPE and enter the high-risk area.


Nihon Kohden NKV 330The NKV-330 Series Ventilator is a non-invasive ventilator that has a full range of therapy options, including invasive ventilation and High Flow O2 Therapy.

The integrated Turbine entrains room air through a series of filters, thus enabling independence from fixed gas-outlets – a 2-hour hot-swappable external battery supports similar freedom from AC Power when required (internal battery supplied).

At 7.6Kgs, if not trolley mounted, the 330 can realistically be carried by hand to any department of the hospital, from ED to Theatre-Recovery to HDU to ICU. We can also supply a bed-bracket as an alternative means of transporting the device.

Modes include. ‘Spont-PS’, ‘S/T’, ‘PCV’, ‘PRVC’, ‘PPV’ and Oxygen Therapy’.

Set-up of the NKV-330, from powered-off to circuit-checked and patient-ready can be achieved in less than 2 minutes, with on screen illustrations to guide the user.

No circuit changes are necessarily required, batteries can be easily swapped on the go and with CO2 and SpO2 monitoring the patient can have their ventilation supported by nearly complete haemodynamic monitoring.

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