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Manufacturers and designers from 59 countries entered more than 6,300 current product innovations in the Red Dot Product Design Award 2018. Only products that convinced the 40 experts from all over the world with their high design quality received awards in the annual competition. Nihon Kohden is proud to announce that CerebAir – a telemetry EEG amplifier designed at its Advanced Technology Centre in Tokorozawa, Japan – received the Red Dot Product Design Award in the category “Life sciences and medicine”.

CerebAirCerebAir is a telemetry EEG amplifier, developed for quick and easy cEEG monitoring. One of the difficulties of performing EEG monitoring in ER/ICU is the time-consuming preparation of the patients scalp and the positioning of the electrodes. CerebAir is a solution for these problems with application taking just 5 minutes and requiring very little training.

The design combines ease of application with a feeling of solid reliability. Curved lines follow the contours of the patient’s skull and the headset’s small dimensions are designed to avoid interference with other medical equipment attached to the patient’s head. The headset’s flexible design allows electrodes to be positioned correctly simply by placing the pad on the patient’s forehead. Disposable electrodes enable quick application without needing to prepare attachment sites first. EEG measurement data can be transmitted wirelessly using Bluetooth, which enables EEG to be measured in an ER/ICU without adding to the number of medical devices surrounding the patient.

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