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Nihon Kohden are pleased to announce the release of a new range of patient monitors Life Scope G5 Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope G5 is designed with a new platform for two models – 12.1” and 15,6” – and the option to add up to two additional displays. The advanced features of Life Scope G5 enable clinicians to customize the patient monitor for needs in different care areas throughout the entire hospital.  By reducing false alarms, workload and the time for diagnoses, the Life Scope G5 supports the improvement of better and by providing additional information with standard procedures for better and informed patient management.


Life Scope G5 Series

Unique technologies Nihon Kohden gives top priority to patients and is actively developing innovative medical electronic equipment with unique technologies such as

iNIBP: Fast and painless non-invasive blood pressure measurement with the unique iNIBP-technology to measure blood pressure on the inflation of the cuf

fPWTT: Pulse wave transit time to trigger  NIBP measurement if the patient’s blood pressure should suddenly change between timed interval

synECi18: Identifying invisible ischemia of the right ventricular and posterior wall by using a standard 12-lead ECG without additional leads.

Smart Cable™ Nihon Kohden’s unique Smart Cable technology miniaturises circuits found in traditional modules and embeds that circuitry into a patient cable. Which means when you want to add a parameter you only need to add a new cable thereby reducing cost and in convenience

Intuitive operation The G-Scope allows all important trends and lists to be directly available on the main screen such as ST review, OCRG, aEEG, Vital List, etc. without hiding current waveforms. To switch between views simply swipe the screen

Advanced alarm management Nihon Kohden’s ec1 arrhythmia analysis provides the superior elimination of false alarms and reducing events of alarm fatigue.

ViTrac The ViTrac viewer software is designed with cutting edge technology, which allows clinicians to access monitoring information for multiple patients anytime and anywhere on the iPad or iPhone.

HL7 communication Direct HL7-communication allows the exchange of data between the Life Scope G5 and the hospital information system (HIS) without any additional software.

Life Scope PT BSM 1700Seamless patient transport Setting a new standard in transport monitoring, the Lifescope PT integrates with the G5 to provide uninterrupted monitoring as the patient moves between care areas. When you are ready to transport your patient simply disconnect the PT from the host bedside monitor and your patient can be transported with full monitoring capabilities. When the patient arrives at their new care setting and the PT is reconnected to a host monitor, patient information, including full disclosure, arrhythmia recall files, tabular and graphics trends and ST data is automatically uploaded to our enterprise monitoring system creating one seamless patient record.

Nihon Kohden is a well-respected Japanese company that designs and manufactures a wide range of medical devices. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing high quality, reliable products. All our product range including patient monitoring and ECG machines are available via NHS Supply Chain. Lifescope G5 is part of our new portfolio ‘The Genesis of Monitoring’. For more information please contact Nihon Kohden UK Ltd. Tel: 02083916800



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