Rigel 288 put to the test at Hitachi

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Leading healthcare equipment manufacturer Hitachi Medical Systems UK Ltd has specified Rigel Medical 288 analysers to reduce the time it takes for engineers to test the electrical safety of its ultra sound scanners in service in the UK.
RigelThe new hand held, battery operated Rigel 288 replaces a small fleet of bulky testing devices that engineers had previously been using, which were awkward and cumbersome to transport from site to site because of their large size.
The 288 enables engineers to quickly check the safety of the scanners while in use to ensure compliance with the recurrent and post repair test requirements of the new IEC 62353 standard for medical devices. (The previous testers could not offer this facility without a significant upgrade).
Manufacturers of medical electrical equipment must test to electrical safety standards to ensure that equipment is intrinsically safe.
So Hitachi has to undertake the on-going periodic testing of its population of approximately 500 scanners - in fact, its engineers test every machine at least twice a year.
The 288 features the latest Bluetooth technology for the wireless connection of bar code scanners, label printers and other accessories.
This enables engineers to carry out cable-free data transfer and safety labelling, without the cumbersome plugging and unplugging of leads and cords.
As well as storing the results of electrical tests, the instrument also has the ability to record user defined inspections and measurements from specialist electro medical equipment such as SpO2, NIBP, ECG and other patient devices.
The Rigel 288 incorporates an easy-to-follow menu driven instructions for simple operation and test control of all IEC62353 required electrical safety tests in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic test modes.
Wellingborough-based Hitachi Medical Systems is part of the Hitachi Group that designs, manufactures and supplies advanced medical equipment and solutions to healthcare markets worldwide.
Its ultra sound platforms range from state-of-the-art devices used in doctors? surgeries to the ultimate high-end machines, designed for hospitals.
Roy Cartwright, Hitachi?s technical support manager, said: ?So far, we have been impressed with what the 288 offers in term of quality, versatility and ease-of-use.
?Robust and fully functional means the 288 meets the demanding requirements of field testing, while its portability, flexibility and added value features are very good.
?All in all, it?s an impressive and unique product that will make the job of electrical safety testing for our engineers a whole lot easier.?
Available as part of a special Rigel 288 test kit is the new battery operated Test ?n Tag Elite printer which provides an easy way to generate tamper proof barcode pass-fail labels or result print outs.
The Elite printer also has the additional ability to design and print customised logos or contact details on every label printed.
This not only gives a clear indication of the electrical safety of the medical equipment, but also a simple way of providing contact details in the event of unexpected service requirements.
For service firms, each label offers a cost effective way of enhancing customer service and is unique to the Rigel 288. The Elite can also be used with thermal paper for on the spot printing of test results using the industry standard 50mm wide paper.
For traceability and safety audit purposes, wireless connection also means that data from the Rigel 288?s large internal memory can be transferred immediately and directly from the tester to PC-based record keeping systems at the touch of a button.
More at www.rigelmedical.com
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