Test your electrical safety analysers using the Rigel 601 Calibration Checkbox

The Rigel 601 Checkbox is a compact and affordable solution to determine the correct reading of most modern Electrical Medical Safety Analysers irrespective of Make or Brand. The Rigel 601 checkbox accurately replicates the resistance, insulation and leakage characteristics of equipment designed to IEC 60601-1 providing up to 11 patient connections. With the ability to generate both AC and DC leakage currents as well as offering dedicated F-type circuitry, the Rigel 601 is able to provide calibrated values for Earth Leakage, Enclosure Leakage, Patient Leakage and Patient Leakage Mains on Applied Parts.

With the use of high precision resistors, the Rigel 601 has a recommended calibration interval of 36 months, providing a stable and accurate reference for all IEC 60601-1 safety analysers for years to come.

Key Features Accurate Leakage Reference for...

  • Earth leakage
  • Enclosure leakage
  • Patient leakage 
  • Patient F-type leakage
  • Separate AC & DC Values -
  • Accurate Earthbond Reference         
  • Accurate Insulation Test points         
  • PASS / FAIL simulation
  • B / BF & CF simulation
  • 11 Patient Connections
  • Voltage Terminals
  • 3 Year Calibration Interval

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