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Intravenous (IV) therapy is one of the most common medical procedures. The amount of fluids administered to patients needs to be accurate and calculated by using parameters such as flow rate and volume.

The Problem

Safer Intravenous Fluid Delivery with The Monidrop® Infusion SystemBasic IV therapy is often conducted manually which is prone to human error and can lead to patient safety problems. Currently volumetric infusion pumps are widely used to provide an accurate flow of fluids over a prescribed period. However, these pumps are often expensive to buy and maintain. The current Covid crisis has highlighted shortages across hospitals and care settings.

The Solution

Monidrop IV Fluid Monitor is a cost-effective and efficient method of administering IV therapy. Monidrop has the potential to reduce overall reliance on volumetric pumps by improving safety and viability of gravity infusions. You can ensure that pumps are kept for patients and circumstances where they are needed the most!

  • Accurate monitoring of infusion speed and total volume infused
  • Portable and chargeable system
  • Compatible with commonly used drip sets
  • Remotely observe several infusions in real-time on a computer or mobile device, when paired with the remote monitoring app.



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