Sony High Definition Medical Range from IMOTEK


More than ever, medical professionals depend on visual images to improve the quality and cost efficiency of patient care.

Now well established in the domestic market, High Definition technology has inevitably migrated into the medical environment. High Definition images provide quadruple the resolution of standard definition, offering surgeons vivid, sharper images. The increased clarity will help to improve diagnostic and surgical precision. For example, providing visibility of a far broader colour palette which can be critical in distinguishing different tissue types.

HVO-1000MD The first ever Blu-Ray HD Medical Video Recorder designed to record pristine video and still images in high and standard definition. Real-time streaming function. Easy to use.
LMD-2451MD 24-inch HD LCD Medical Monitor with multiple inputs and picture-in-picture capability.
LMD-3250MD 32-inch HD LCD Medical Monitor with split-screen capability and mirror image mode.
PMW-10MD Full HD Medical 2-piece Camera with built-in HD recording and image capture. Ideal for surgical microscopy and colposcopy.
UP-DR80MD High-quality, highly durable A4 digital colour printer for medical applications.
UP-55MD High Definition Analogue A5 Colour Printer, ideal for high quality medical image printing.


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