Bender UK 25 logoBender UK has supported the completion of a new £35 million extension at the UK’s premier private healthcare facility St John and St Elizabeth Hospital in London. It includes six new operating theatres incorporating Bender and Merivaara operating theatre and power technology.

Operating room technology designed, installed and commissioned by Bender UK includes Merivaara OpenOR™ integrated systems, medical pendants, surgical lights and theatre control panels.

Underpinning the resilience of operating theatres are Bender medical IT power systems and UPS battery back-up. Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) provides live data on the status and health of electrical systems within the new theatre complex. Routed through Bender’s POWERSCOUT® reporting software RCM can verify the integrity of the system without switch-off, fulfilling the requirements of IEC 60364-6.

The hospital’s Director of Projects Steve Kimp explains: “Bender UK has been pro-active in helping us raise the standard of electrical protection and resilience at the hospital. Knowledge is power and enables us to make strategic decisions rather than simply react to circumstances as they arise.” 

Operating Theatre Equipped by BenderAt the heart of each theatre the high capacity Merivaara OpenOR™ system integrates operating theatre devices, data and image management for rapid display of surgical imagery. Media and data related to the patient is stored and managed including video footage and images from surgery.

OpenOR™ is a vendor-neutral scalable solution tailored to fit the requirements of each hospital. It connects the operating room environment delivering patient information including scans and X-rays and allowing recording or live sharing of images from the theatre. Links to a co-ordinator suite enable remote viewing and consultation with live two-way audio. Images can also be live streamed via the internet and archived with patient notes.

The theatres are fitted with Merivaara Q-Flow™ LED operating lights with wireless 4K HD cameras. They offer best-in-class colour-rendering and optimised airflow, with unique dynamic obstacle compensation to reduce shading.

Each theatre has three DICOM compliant 4K monitors ceiling mounted on articulating arms  - 2 x 31-inch and 1 x 27 inch, a wall-mounted 55 inch 4K monitor, CP924 glass touchscreen theatre control panel and Open OR touchscreen panel also wall-mounted. Two ceiling-mount service pendants deliver medical gases, critical power and data,

Bender UK Managing Director Gareth Brunton comments: “We take pride in being able to introduce our healthcare clients to the latest technology and to ensure that our organisation has the technical knowhow and expertise to deliver the service and support they require.”

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