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Mindray BeneHeart D30 and D60 Defibrillators

Mindray BeneHeart D30 and D60 Defibrillators The next generation of BeneHeart series defibrillators aim to raise the standards of resuscitation. Equipped with comprehensive diagnostic and monitoring tools they’re designed to ...

Philips PageWriter Cardiograph Range

Diagnostic ECG – applying innovation to ECG workflow The Philips PageWriter Cardiograph range includes the TC10, TC35, TC50 and TC70. All devices meet the needs of any clinical environment where rugged, high-volume operation is e ...

Philips HeartStart Intrepid defibrillator/monitor with Emergency Care Informatics Suite

Respond quickly. Treat confidently. You never know what you will face when you arrive at the scene of an emergency, or when a hospital patient will suffer sudden cardiac arrest. But you do know you need to be ready. Philips Hea ...