There may be a need to consider colour-coding of scrub suits (or "theatre clothing"). Operating theatre staff are supposedly not allowed to leave the OR suite in scrubs (and, of course, no-one is allowed to enter the suite without first changing into scrubs). However, other scrub-suit wearers (eg, A&E staff) are often to be seen roaming around the hospital (taking lunch in the canteen, and even outside the hospital, getting off the bus, crossing the road - I've seen it all with my own eyes). There is a danger that such a person could wander right into the OR without being challenged. Could there be a case, then, for OR staff proper and visitors to the OR suite to have a scrub suit of different colour to the others, so that interlopers may be readily identified and scrub discipline maintained?

Perhaps some of you manager-types could think about raising this issue? smile

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.