All I can say is that I suspect that you and I must have had different experiences of hospitals outside the cosy confines of the "Western world", then Dave. whistle

Also ... I suspect that Delfin will only get the one chance to make his "pitch" to senior management.

If he goes for two, then he shall be creating a hostage to fortune (aka making a rod for his own back). But if he goes for four (and gets approval for that), he should be comfortable in the medium to long term, secure in the expectation that he shall be able to handle whatever gets thrown at him during the years ahead.

If he goes for four, and has to make concessions, he can always give way and drop to three ... but if he goes for two, what bargaining power is he left with? think

In passing, in all the hospitals I have even known (or even visited), I have never come across a bunch of bored biomeds. It has invariably been the reverse ... a few good guys being run ragged. Except, of course, in the ones where biomedical engineering was set up by Yours Truly (that is, done properly). frown