Well, Delfin's original question has been qualified to a certain extent by his subsequent posts ... but sometimes we have to "read between the lines" a little, do we not?

But, unless I get a chance to visit his location (which is very unlikely to happen), and survey the hospital myself (and thereby establish the actual situation), it's difficult to offer definitive advice.

Failing that, I would need accurate data, plus an idea on what the "risks" associated with each equipment type are considered to be (leading to "how many PM's per year" ... and all the rest).

Meanwhile, as I say, I would have to stick to my guns (and "rules of thumb" that have worked well enough in the past) and continue to suggest four. smile

As a historical note, I hope my memory serves me well if I say that I recall we had three techs at the famous G-100 (general 100-bed hospitals) out in Saudi Arabia 20-25 years ago. A Senior Tech and two Techs ... plus a clerk (computer operator - storeman - general helper, whatever). And we certainly had more than five techs at certain well-known private hospitals (of 200 beds or so) "out there" that I could name. Similar situations (to Delfin's) I would have thought, except that in the case of "our" G-100's they also had "the company" (me and my gang) to back them up. smile