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Poor Delfin must be totally bemused at this point.

Yes, Neil. I agree. whistle

I noticed that Delfin looked in at the forum a few hours ago, yet hesitated to make a reply ...

However, I think that his original question has been answered:- he shall need a total of between two to four in-house techs; so he can take his pick. Three?

@Delfin: if you have an equipment list already prepared on your computer (in whatever format - but .xls is easiest) I would be happy to take a look at it. And even load it up into the latest - and soon to be issued [I hope] - version of the TaskMaster equipment maintenance management database program, then email it all back to you. That's the best I can do. smile

@Chris: do any of the guys at Weston ever get on here? No doubt we could offer them a few tips as well. But somehow I doubt that "biomed" is the root of the problem there (or at any other of the disgraceful situations we hear about so often these days).