I believe I met your "first BME admin" back in 1987, Bong. The guy seemed pretty clued up to me!

To my mind, there's nothing wrong with "taking it all". Especially when operating in a commercial environment (which you're not, I presume). If the customer (user) is daft enough to pay to have biomeds take care of their office equipment, that's all well and good!

Many years ago when I was travelling around a well-known Desert Kingdom touting for business at small private hospitals and clinics, the people there always wanted a quote to come and service all their equipment. Yes, including the emergency battery-backed lighting units, refrigerators, fans and all the rest (including, even, the medical, dental and laboratory equipment). Not "money for old rope", though, as those old guys drove a hard bargain, let me tell you. Lot's of sweet tea had to be drunk too, of course. I worked out some good spreadsheet formulae (on good old DOS Lotus 1-2-3, of course) at that time, and used to amaze potential customers by being able to return the following day complete with an inventory (on floppy disk) - usually the first proper inventory list they had ever seen - together with a fully-costed series of maintenance options. In the (few) cases that I got the "go-ahead", they always went for the "fixed price" option, by the way. Those clinics were, after all, businesses. I wish I was still there doing that stuff!

Meanwhile, you can include all those other items in your data if you want (TaskMaster takes care of it all). Equipment still needs PM (in my opinion), regardless of whether it's an ECG monitor, CT scanner, or an electric kettle! As long as you're charging by the hour that is! Ha, ha.

By the way, my method is to group all flowmeters of each type (air, oxygen) as a single "asset" for each Ward etc. It keeps the numbers down that way! smile

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