Hello Full Metal, and welcome to the forum (another Mate from the Desert Kingdom, I notice). Thanks for your interest in my stuff.

The DOS version of TaskMaster has been neglected a bit these last couple of years, and the one available for download from this website has a couple of problems with it. The version I hold on my old "DOS" PC has them sorted, of course, but (not having received any complaints about them, and imagining that users had now moved on to the Windows version), I have not got it readily compiled for distribution just at the moment.

I have been thinking of doing a bit more on the DOS version (for sentimental reasons more than anything else), perhaps bringing in some of the features that are now part of the Windows version. If the need is indeed there, perhaps I'll have a go later during the wonderful summer weather that we're currently enjoying in the UK. smile

PS: Hi Gani ... I've sent you an email.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.