For more years than I care to remember, and certainly over thousands of man-hours, I have enjoyed hacking out equipment maintenance systems. Indeed there have been dark days when this was my only recreation (but we won't dwell on that now)!

I have a program that has all the usual features (plus some unusual ones), but is DOS-based and therefore appears a bit dated to modern eyes. It is stand-alone, single user, but has an ability to access multiple data-sets if required. It was coded in FoxPro 2.6, which was (still is) a very powerful database management language in its day. You can get a flavour of my stuff from the screen shots at [this websitel]*.

Anyway, the bottom line is that, as part of my clearing-out process, and to make way for new projects, I am willing to pass on copies of this program to anybody who may find it useful. I can include dummy (example) data. If you want, I can also offer source code (so if you can make your own changes if you have FoxPro yourself). I can send this stuff out as an email attachment. If anyone is interested, get in touch through a personal message or email. smile

* Site no longer online

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