Hello again Delfin. Hope you're doing OK. smile

I'm finalizing the latest version right now (and there have been some detailed changes - plus the usual bug fixes - since 16.07).

There are a number of ways of entering equipment data; the method you choose really depends on the amount of data you have to add (import, whatever). For small amounts of data (just a few items of equipment) things can be "quick and easy". For large amounts (large inventories held in other formats - .xls files, for example), the process - I call it "Data Migration" - is a bit more detailed (but "do-able", if you don't mind playing about with stuff like that).

Regarding new versions - there is a way of bringing across your existing data into a new installation of TM. That way your data is preserved whilst imposing any changes made to data file structures since the previous revision. Using that method you retain not only the earlier version of TM but also the earlier copies of your data files. See the Help file topic "Upgrading TaskMaster".

Naturally, it is always a good idea to back-up your data before embarking on updates!

Alternatively (and if you prefer) there is a way of simply imposing the latest TM.exe into your existing TM directory and running a batch file to update the data files. All this stuff (and much more) is mentioned in the Help file. Also see the file called Upgrades.txt which is included in the distribution. smile

I'll get the next release to you as soon as it's available. Meanwhile, if you have any specific problems, best send me an email. My email address is given at my Profile.

Although it applies in detail to an earlier version of TM (namely 16.02) you may find this document* of interest:-

User Guide

* With acknowledgements to the author, Bill Gentles.

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