Just a quick word on this quiet Sunday morning to let those of you who may be interested know that incremental improvements to the TM program continue to be made (and also to the old DOS version, as mentioned above). For technical reasons, Huw may not be able to add it to the Downloads section just yet, but if anyone would like the very latest stuff, feel free to get in touch via email or PM. By the way, the "latest news" about TM is always posted here.

As usual, I am always looking to receive feedback from those trying (and, hopefully, using) TM. With 220 downloads of the DOS version, and over 240 of the Windows version, I am always a little disappointed that I rarely hear how people get on. If it's total rubbish, then I need to know!

The most recent enhancements were made following an intensive critique from a bloke using TM in his servicing work. He (who must remain anonymous for his own commercial reasons) provided some very good feedback (comments, suggestions and bug reports), all of which has been acted upon. I need more like this!

Meanwhile, I hope to have the updated DOS version ready before Christmas! smile

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