Sounds like a great idea to generic tag during manufacturing, you could tag every thing from a flow meter to anaesthetics trolley.

But wouldn't it tie you down to use Rigel test equipment.

Barcodes can be made and used by any of test Equipment Company. Unless Rigel are willing to give up there brain cell technology to the other companies it can not be fitted at manufacture.

These brain cell have no way to write on them. So if your syringe pump ends up at another hospital, who would they call. No next service date. So it will add another label to the machine that infection control to moan about.

I like the idea of fitting them on the inside, (infection control would like this idea, no room for the bugs to sit). Most medical equipment sit inside a faraday cage to help stop EMF interfering with the PCBs, as Mr R J Ling has already pointed out all the bad points about modification.

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