Ever onward, ever upward.

Maybe we'll get to the day when the "degree" level nurses are superceeded by the "masters" level and eventually the "doctorate" level at entry point.

Hopefully then all those other nasty little duties like looking after patients will have been passed on to the "masters" level entry HCA's who can pass on instructions to the "degree" level Ward Clerks who can finally get the right level of person to clean the equipment effectively, namely the domestics.

They can always lob the syringe drivers in their mop buckets and wheel them down to Biomed hence solving the decontamination and transport issues in one bold sweep.

Oops, forgot, no-one will be in the department; by that stage we'll be at "Professorship" level and will be holding seminars in the Post Grad centre for the 2nd year Portering degree students on the subject "Forces and motions involved in Oxy cylinder handling" confused

Why worry, Be happy!