As the issue of equipment being presented for 'service or repair' without a declaration of contamination status form (not that filling out a form is any real proof the device has even been cleaned tut!)- even though it is a recommendation within MHRA DB2006(05) November 2006 section 9

I have been tasked with finding out what happens elsewhere, so:
in your workplace:

Is decontamination / cleaning included in your MD Policy ?
Is all equipment presented clean ?
Do you reject 'dirty' equipment ?
How do you reject 'dirty' equipment ?
Who is responsible for cleaning the equipment ?

Obviously, these issues will always be with us, but we have to reduce the likelyhood of moving infection arround the hospital. smilewink
(as a footnote - we tend towards - No status form - we'll clean prior to working, clean again afterwards, it just increases the time spent on each repair or service - not ideal I know, but we then have a better level of assurance).

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