Firstly may I endorse what John has said, I didn't take his comments as flippant and neither did I interpret Mark.E's comment as sarcastic.

I think Jill's comments were valuable and she obviously is dedicated and "proactive" in her approach, from what I can interpret, from her postings. wink

Now on to you Richard mad

Firstly I can't "interpret" from your profile who you are.
I post details so as to give other readers an idea as to who I am and what my background is.

Your status gives the impression of a caller to a daytime chat show i.e. "Richard from Essex"
It is your right but if you want to fire some bullets why not take off your Zorro mask. confused

Do I have a problem with people being well qualified?

Absolutely not, What I have a problem with is people "chasing" qualifications for qualifications sake, wether that be in nursing or engineering, a view point my erstwhile colleague Mr Mundy has eluded to in the past.

A minimum criteria of qualifications?

Again no, an adequate level of qualifications, or training for that matter. Does having a degree make for a better nurse? My experience of nurses doesn't show that. What it does,I think, is start the ball rolling to "fast tracking" people out of the profession they originally joined to become one of the hordes of professional managers.


Most definitely. I've always been paranoid, as I always subscribe to most conspiracy theories too, but working in the NHS for so long gives you that too.
Is my paranoia due to the cleanliness of equipment or the state of nursing attainment, I think not dear Richard, am I being sarcastic..your darn tootin' laugh

"Slipping down the food chain into the primordial-sludge"
Such articulation! Do you mean am I worried I'm being left behind and resigned to the scrapheap?
I have no fear of this, either as an individual or as a profession.

I believe the work we are doing is of uttmost importance and greatly valued.

All comments to do with cleaning/contamination is meant as a topic for debate to improve standards.

Blame culture does exist as does "passing the buck".

Hopefully through communication we can improve this. On a local level we are geared up to do this with dialogue between ourselves, nursing staff, clinical staff, management, infection control and lots of other interested groups.

However nationally it's a bit more difficult to do, which is why this forum is a good place to "air" thoughts and viewpoints.

People and places do different aspects of healthcare provision in vastly diverse ways.

I for one, read this forum, and take the good and bad points out of all postings.
Some I will think of as good ideas and progress them here, others I won't and will store in the memory banks.

I don't profess to have all the answers, I am opinionated as you may have guessed. I'm also big enough to accept criticsm when deserved.
Don't think it is here, but I may be wrong. rolleyes

Why worry, Be happy!