Hi All

My 2p for what it's worth

I am a nurse who uses lots of medical equipment. I am also trying to help change the way we nurses work WITH EBME.
The problem of dirty equipment is a serious one. Users cannot put others at risk of contact with biohazardous material. The bottom line should be IF YOU USED IT YOU CLEAN IT! ,or delegate that responsibility to someone appropriately trained and protected to do so. If you find that your getting static from nurses on this issue ask them whose responsibility is it to dispose of sharps and why.(The same principle applies you used it you bin it.)

As a nurse I see infection control as a major part of my role and essential to patient care which is what everyone here is about(one way or another). The simple fact is that most nurses do not recognise the risk to others. And when faced with a choice between actual hands on patient care and cleaning a piece of kit I know what I chose.

I treat all procedures as a potentially biohazard and use universal precautions i.e. Gloves,apron, eye protection and handwashing. Surely EBME depts could do likewise as some of the spaces in equipment that can get containinated are not accessable for non-technical staff.

After saying that, the user is ultimately responsible for the cleaning of the equipment regardless of their academic qualifications need training in the local policies and procedures in cleaning equipment. Do they all get it?? Are they fully aware of their personal responsibilties under the health and safety at work act, Local infection control policies etc etc??

Equipment is often cleaned using inappropriate solvents/agents because no-one has told the person cleaning it that it can only be cleaned using XYZ and that sticking it in a bucket of soapy water is probably not the best way to clean it.

Does anyone involve your infection control people in your pre-purchase evaluation. I have heard of expensive equipment being purchased by surgeons that cannot be cleaned/sterilised because the hospital don't have the right type of v expensive cleaning kit.

Just a thought or 2