Hi Geoff

Scenario 1: Honestly, I am not making this up, these are just the facts from every hospital I have been to. I actually agree with your statements, but the reality is that departments in Hospitals work independantly from each other as they have independent budgets. So they wont always commit the resource to finding kit. Surely you must see that.

Scenario 2: Can you explain trolleys please. I dont understand what you mean by this.

Trusts split money in capital / revenue.
Every year Trust Capital expense gets a hugh boost at the end of financial year, and if they dont spend it they loose it, and wont get as much the following year.
Revenue is year by year, and as such the Trust needs to almost "apply" to get more. but they need justification.
Capital = Hardware / Software, basically any thing that has no year by year cost assosiated with it.
Revenue = Staff etc

It all goes back to justification. Senior managers/directors need proof, and how can you do that if you have nothing to show them. Regardless of what system gets the information, it needs to be able to assist you in black and white. Ultimately isn't that what you need. This is why Trust almost throw money at systems, computers etc. every year. Or employ temp staff on contracts. Do you see that where you are?

And, to date I am not promoting "my stuff" I am having a discussion about the technology available in the industry. Aren't forums about peoples views. argument/counter-argument (pro's/cons) If you can give me a view that has no couter to it, then I am more than happy to accept it, however surely you should be asking me what other sites do, and has it helped. I will be honest. Some cases yes, some cases no. Trusts need to understand their requirements before making a call on their next steps

Although I dont agree with all the views of "lets just get more staff, because that fixes everything" I also believe that if you truely need more staff, at least have something credible to back it up with.

And come on, taking the p*ss out of NHS staff. I started as a temp contractor, became junior engineer to Senior, and left as a senior manager. Why even make that statement Geoff, surely you have progressed in a similar way and understand the up hill struggles you face into getting more resource to help.

Every Hospital does work in different ways, and have different budgets, different styles of management and responsibilites, either for process, staff, and equipment. But fundamentally

EBME are responsilble for Medical Equipement
IT is responsible for computers
Finanace are responsible for money
Press office is responsible for publicity
Nurses are responsible for Patients

and never the twain shall meet.

discuss.... dont just dismiss