Hi Das,

whats rubbish? capital/revenue? managment needing justification to employ more staff? can you explain please

Where do you get usage figures from? I honestly dont know.

Because a pump goes to a ward it doesn't mean it is in use permently. It just means its there. the ward may be storing it because they consider that there might be a shortfall in available equipement. If every ward is doing the same, surely your figures would then be in-correct, unless you walk the entire site every day checking to ensure all the assets are in use, oh and where you originally left them of course.

Do you have something that helps with this? to be honest this is not being pedantic, I am trying to understand the various processes.

As I have said, this type of technology may not be right for all, however dont shy away from it unless you have something thats concrete and have no problems with asset management and you have the right quantity of kit in the rights places accrodingly.

when I talk about usage btw, its not how many hours a IV pump for instance was in use, its more about ensuring that the IV pump is required at that location for that period of time. But you need to put the right process in place to manage it.

thanks for you comments