Just like a microwave oven ... but costing a tad more than 30 from Tesco's by the look of it! And those tags (see .pdf) are hardly what you might call little things, are they? Think about how (and where) you are you going to fit one of those to all your favourite medical devices.

Interesting technology, though. It looks like tag battery life is four to five years, and the tag has 8 K of memory. So maybe we could log the kind of data we mentioned before. You know, PM dates and stuff like that.

I wonder what a full implementation (that is, in a typical hospital) would cost? What we need is a trial. How are your finances up there, Billy?

But meanwhile, now I also read that passive radio-frequency tags won't work (that is, cannot be read) when placed on metal. So that means we need active tags, then (as mentioned before).

It seems to me there is far more to all this that meets the eye (as it were). Frankly, I believe that more thought needs to be given to all the radiation (most of it invasive, that is snooping) we already have to put with in our everyday lives, without simply adding to it. I understand that some banknotes now have RFID tags "hidden" in them, for instance. Passive (I presume), but they still will be getting read somewhere (why, I wonder)*. Where's it all going to end? Perhaps people would be more aware of all this if they carried one of these around with them! All these emissions get absorbed by human tissue, do they not (no wonder I'm feeling so rough this morning)! frown

* The thought occurs that "facial furniture" could be used in a similar fashion. Who knows, maybe it already is! Let's forget ID cards (if we haven't already) and (as Neil has mentioned recently) simply crack on and "chip" everybody! Frankly, with the mind-sets that permeate the "Corridors of Power" these days, I can't really see how we can avoid it.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.