2 points ;-

Surely it cannot be guaranteed that everyone on a voluntary register will be transferred ? There must be some check that the entry requirements are sufficient, otherwise we could set up a voluntary register which was open to anyone who could demonstrate an ability in knitting, cross-stitching or paperfolding confused

There is still the problem of how to deal with the existing, long serving technicians who have absolutely no formal qualifications at all - not even "O" levels - so cannot apply for the voluntary register.

Alex has a relevant point about Trusts moving towards external service providers. In the future, when the existing technical staff have retired (which according to the survey done a few years ago won't be that many years away for the majority of staff) and we can't recruit enough people into the profession because there aren't enough people with the specialised degree, there won't be any option but to contract the service out !

I think it's called "shooting yourself in the foot".

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !