Jim - the argument seems to be one of interpretation of the word "appoint".

I read it as refering to technicians being appointed onto the register by August 2001 - because later in the same paragraph one of the necessary criteria is for the person to be in employment - which they obviously would be if they had been appointed to a job in Clinical Technology !

Your interpretation is that they have been appointed to a job on or after 1st August 2001.

As Topper has pointed out, this interpretation leaves new starters who haven't got a degree and don't have access to formal, 2 year training courses, in a very sticky position, because the clock is now ticking and it's unlikely they can get their 4 years experience in before the State Register comes into force.

I'm not trying to make mischief or score points - just trying to understand how the system is going to be applied and how we are going to deal with the excellent technicians who don't appear to be able to meet the criteria without having to go back to school and do a degree.

Today is the day you worried about yesterday - and all is well !