Dont you just love 'em? Believe it or not, this was the most successful British computer ever made (in terms of numbers sold, that is).

Meanwhile, all your favourites can be found here (forgive me if Ive given that link before - and be warned that it doesn't always work - due to site maintenance, I should imagine)! Also this one (there are many others). Enjoy! smile

What about computers in medical equipment? As we know, many machines are actually built around PC's these days. Anyone come across any "interesting" ones (eg, some old clunker still hidden away in high-end medical kit)? What about software? I have seen all flavours of Windows being used (not sure why), plus Linux and many examples of DOS still being used. Also some nice proprietary systems, often as firmware (which, to my mind, is how it should be done).

Lastly, I keep coming across "faults" (on medical kit) being attributed to "corrupted hard-drives". Why is this, I wonder? How many times do standard PCs suffer from this affliction (answer:- I have had many computers pass through my hands, and cant recall a single corrupted hard-drive apart from the odd one or two I had deliberately been playing with)? Why aren't medical systems more robust, I wonder? Haven't they heard of Norton Go-Back? And I have yet to experience a catastrophic failure on PC's running Win 2000. It always seems to self-recover, despite my most determined attacks!

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