Hello Mate

The ZX81 is (was) not one of my favourite "machines", I'm afraid! The Spectrum was more, shall we say, tolerable.

You're talking about the one at Bristol? There's another one about to finish (on eBay) where a guy is asking about sending it out to Italy! Still, it takes all sorts, I suppose.

And what about the ZX80 (there are a couple listed at the moment ... that's despite being described as "very rare"). For some weird reason those usually go for daft money. But they were **** then, and they're **** now!

If you fancy a punt you might be better off having a go at the Oric (finishes on Thursday).

I have a ZX81 here (plus a smattering of tapes for the Speccy) that I shall be literally giving away when one of my eBay customers calls to pick up my (well, his now) Einsteins! smile

Meanwhile, the others haven't sold yet ... why not place a bid?

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