Yes, I believe that the QL was the only one that used the 68008. But that was a stripped down version of the 68000, of course, which was used in such well known machines as the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST, the Apple Lisa and then the Mac.

You might not be aware, however, that the QL (and with it, of course, the 68008) formed the guts of BT's "Tonto" PABX system. Not many people know that (but, there again, why would they want to)!

But everyone must know that QL stood for "Quantum Leap"! Otherwise it would have been called the ZX83 (and I'm guessing that the Spectrum would have been the ZX82).

About Linus. I reckon that its something about Finland. After all, what else would there be to do during those long dark nights, except crank out genius code? That, and the excellence of their university. See here for a further example (OK, it's Norway ... but never mind, it's still an interesting story)! smile

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