Meanwhile, Windows CE has now come of age* ... here's a nice display of Psion-like "clamshells".

The "word on the street" is that the clamshell format may be making a come-back. Apparently the novelty of the tablet format has worn off somewhat of late.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations about which one to go for? think

* 21 years old.

BTW, my "research" into Windows CE was prompted by a conversation I had today in my local Tesco supermarket, where they are introducing the "Scan As You Shop" handheld scanners for use by shoppers as they explore the aisles. These are Symbol (now Zebra, apparently) MC18 devices running Windows CE. Needless to say, I won't be using them myself (what's the point?); and - as I remarked to the Tesco guy - expect to see them being discarded in the river soon (just as the trolleys have been for years). I imagine they could, however, be useful in industrial or even hospital settings!

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.