Well done, Billy. You spotted my "deliberate mistake". I got my Streaks and my Steels mixed up there, so to speak. Just making sure you were paying attention, of course.


The Avro Blue Steel was an air-launched, rocket-propelled nuclear-armed stand-off missile. Whilst the de Havilland Blue Streak was a ground-launched ballistic missile ("rocket") also intended to be armed with a nuclear warhead.

And, by the way, wasn't there a launch-pad (proving ground, whatever) near to where you are now? Is that what you meant about Spadeadam? smile

On a personal note, there was a time that I was very much "into" missiles myself. But of the second and third generation anti-tank type. All that was before I was moved into biomed, and (to be honest, and with a great span of hindsight now) I reckon that I would have been better off staying where I was.

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