Well ... the last Tridents were made circa. 1974 ...

But I've actually seen one of them (in Croydon). Single seater, radio tray on the back, and painted (as you might expect) in desert khaki. And ... er, I believe the term is "slightly the worse for wear"!

But surely you must have noticed the mountains of junked cars, trucks, Caterpillar tractors, and all the rest when you were out in those parts. Such dumps were usually encountered just out on the edge of town, and I have spent many happy afternoons avoiding the dog packs in such places.

What were those scrapyards called (in the local lingo)? The name escapes me now. frown

How about Tashliyah ... was that it?

OK ... here we go. Oh, the magic of the internet. Of course, they were Cardinals (rather than Tridents). If you remember, British Police Thunderbirds were called Saints. Here's a bit more. And lastly.

If you don't inspect ... don't expect.