USB on the BBC Micro?* Oh yes ... here is a YouTube video of my mate Mark Haysman demonstrating the use of his brilliant BBC-USB interface board.

Yet another example of the flexibility and almost unbridled expansion possibilities of the good old BBC Micro ... probably the best ever 8-bit micro-computer the world has ever seen! smile

Just for fun (!) we also had the BeebEM emulator running on the laptop, and controlled that from the real BBC micro via the USB link. How's that, then? Mark is a real "Genius Guy" (in my book, at least), and it's always a real pleasure to be around such people.

Perhaps I should add that I also saw an Altair 8800 in the flesh for the first time, last Saturday. In many ways it was the machine that kicked off the home-PC industry that went on to rock (or should that be conquer?) the world. The Altair was larger than I had imagined it to be, and (I must say) better put together than what I had been led to believe, as well.

* See my post to this thread on 09-Jul-09.

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