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There was another one like that which was advertised for years in "Practical Electronics". The idea was that you built it yourself, bit by bit, and added modules as need arose (and pocket-money permitted), and then programmed it. It looked like a quality build, based on the good old 19 inch rack system. I always wanted one, but never even saw one in the flesh, needless to say. I've been trying to remember what it was called, but it escapes me at the moment. No doubt I'll wake up in the middle of the night (day, whatever) and it'll be there!

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Was it called "The Archer", or something like that?

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Geoff, I'm sure I know the ad you are talking about.

Tomorrow, I'll have a looksee through all the old 'r&d' stuff I have around the house.

Have you found it yet?

Meanwhile (thanks to the generosity of a good friend and contributor to this forum), I have just been having a quick look through some extracts from Radio & Electronics World from the mid-1980's (you know, as one does) ... and I came across an ad. (not for the 19" rack system I had in mind, unfortunately, but) for a Z80 SBC (that's "Single Board Computer" for those who had either forgotten, or didn't know) also called the "Archer". It was offered by Sherwood Data Systems Ltd. at SL2 3LX.

It seems that (as far back as 1982) there was also a build it yourself, expandable step-by-step machine called the "Microtan 65" available (in kit form) for 79. This one was by Tangerine Computer Systems Ltd. (oh yes, yet more "low-hanging fruit" ... Apple, Apricot, er, Acorn) at CB7 4AE. I bet one of those would be worth a few bob now!

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