I've recently got my hands on various versions (evolutions) of the Acorn Archimedes. As it was introduced in 1987, I had missed all this in my previous life (as I was overseas throughout much of that era ... where PC clones ruled the roost). But what brilliant kit! As well as retaining the legacy of the BBC Micro, it had the RiscOS (originally known as Arthur ... and why not?), sturdy case, and a WIMP interface which came up instantly (being in ROM). Expansion possibilities were open and endless. In fact, I would say it was an elegant design in every way. Just imagine if PC's had been like this ... where would we all be now?

I understand that the Archie was popular in schools ... so perhaps some of you out there also have fond memories of this fine piece of kit? smile

Of course, being an British company coming up with innovative designs, Acorn couldn't be permitted to flourish and survive, and faded away in the late '90's (I wonder what all those "genius guys" are doing now?). Towards the end they were reduced to re-badging Olivetti PC clones. How sad (and shades of Cardiac Recorders re-badging Italian ECG recorders). frown

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